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Founder – Simply Success, Former Global Head of Leadership & Talent – UBS


Chris has over 30 years of experience as a leader in the military, business, and government sectors. He has been recognized as one of HR’s Most Influential Thinkers 10 times in annual Awards and has been a Hon Visiting Professor of Transformational Leadership. He is also a neuroscience-accredited executive coach. Chris has helped over 21,000 leaders in more than 200 organizations across 28 countries by combining their own experiences with his insights, hard data, success stories, and neuroscience to develop personal action plans for success. He is passionate about unleashing the true potential of individuals and is eager to enable HR help others to achieve their goals.


November 15, 2023 09:45 AM

Entrepreneurial HR Leadership - Thriving in great uncertainty

“Post the perfect storm of COVID and Great Resignation, amidst rising economic instability, climate change and conflict our world is more uncertain than ever before. To be able to survive and thrive organisations need to create certainty within this uncertainty. HR is the key catalyst in enabling that. Chris talk is a must for HR leaders want to enable their functions and organizations seeking to thrive in uncertain times. His extensive experience, including his role as Global Head of Leadership and Talent at UBS, his hands on leadership roles in military, business and Government, from UK National Health Service to London Underground, leading major transformations and senior leadership development have enabled him to identify strategies and actions to overcome uncertainty and get the best from people. Chris shows how the power to develop of HR and organisational capability is already within our people, just hidden in our experience. With interaction, real world examples, such as the groundbreaking implementation of "entrepreneurial leadership" into HR and the business at UBS, which has since become a renowned Harvard Case study, simple practical psychology and neuroscience combined with key data he will give you 3 simple steps so you can become a catalyst for HR and organisational success in uncertainty. Enabling and inspiring your team, and every other, for agility, growth, and opportunity, to align action to strategic imperatives, be entrepreneurial to embrace opportunity. Chris has also been one of HRs Most Influential Thinkers 10 times in HR Magazines Annual Awards, Hon Visiting Professor of Transformational Leadership and is the BBCs “go to” business leadership expert with over 230 interviews to date. Be ready to start a transformative journey towards a future filled with possibilities."

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