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Author: The Ergodic Investor and Entrepreneur; Rebuild: the Economy, Leadership, and You


Graham is an experienced entrepreneur and consultant who has led businesses towards deliberate development and self-governance. If you’re seeking to reinvent organizations and yourself, he will be the person you were looking for. He is specialized in bringing the benefits of executive coaching and cutting-edge business organization design to everyone. His expertise lies in strategy, organization design, disruptive innovation, and team development, resulting in profitable ventures. Graham has implemented a pragmatic approach to organization design and governance, drawing inspiration from Holacracy, Requisite Organization, and peer-to-peer coaching. Grab a copy of his new book, “Rebuild: the Economy, Leadership, and You — a toolkit for builders of a better world,”.


November 13, 2023 04:00 PM

Redefining HR: Shaping People-Centric Organizations for an Unpredictable Future

The future is unpredictable, and HR leaders hold the key to shaping organizations into thriving, people-centric entities. Join this Masterclass and discover how redefining HR practices, championing collaboration, and challenging traditional thinking can help navigate uncertainty and drive success in this transformative journey.

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