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People Partner to Chief People Officer, HR & Corporate Affairs – LEGO GROUP


Lise Render Nielsen serves as the People Partner for People Operations & Development and Corporate Affairs at The LEGO Group. Collaborating closely with the Chief People Officer and Corporate Affairs Head, she drives the company’s evolution towards future readiness by harmonizing performance and well-being. Leading an innovative HRBP team, Lise pioneers novel work methodologies to enhance the impact and flexibility of People Operations. Rooted in her mission to help others discover a sense of home, she excels in coaching individuals and teams to uncover their purpose and direction. Joining The LEGO Group in 2009, Lise instilled LEGO culture in a new Hungarian facility. Across Europe and Asia, she’s inhabited five countries, holding senior HRBP roles and specializing in leadership, talent, and learning. Holding degrees in psychology and executive coaching, Lise’s ardor for uniting academia and business is evident in her advisory roles and guest lectureships at esteemed universities.


November 14, 2023 04:35 PM

Unleashing HR's Potential: Elevating Responsiveness and Impact

Together with the Chief People Officer at the LEGO Group, I spent much of the first quarter of 2021 thinking about whether traditional approaches to HR were still fit for purpose and what the function might need to change to serve the business’ needs more effectively. After explorative dialogues with other HR leaders and influential thought leaders, we decided to transform the LEGO Group’s People, Operations & Development function and unleash its inherent potential. The transformation was centered around three core drivers of future HR success, and each of them has now been put into practice. We have pivoted from centers of excellence to communities of excellence, developed digital product management capabilities within HR, and introduced a central pool of people partners that can be deployed in a flexible manner based on strategic priorities and business needs at any point in time. The transformation has required limited structural re-design within the People, Operations & Development function. Instead, we have focused on unleashing the potential of our setup by shifting ways of working within HR and with the business to achieve the responsiveness and impact that we set out to deliver.

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