Chief People Officer, VISIER


As a member of Visier’s management board, Paul is responsible for the culture and talent that powers Visier’s innovation and growth. He leads an HR organization that emphasizes innovation in talent management, respect for organization science, effective use of people analytics and building an inclusive and diverse workplace.

Prior to joining Visier, Paul spent 20+ years consulting at the intersection of talent strategy, business strategy and HR function design, as well as serving as a General Manager and consulting practice leader. He has programs including talent strategy, large-scale HR transformation/technology, M&A integration, shared services and change leadership. Prior to consulting he worked in the HR functions at HBO, Scholastic, and Hyatt Hotels.

Paul recently relocated from Brooklyn USA to Vancouver Canada where he lives with his husband and a very loyal standard poodle. He is a frequent podcast contributor on the topics of reimagining the HR function as well as people analytics.


November 14, 2023 09:45 AM

Keynote: The CHRO’s Guide: When Talent Strategy, People Analytics & Business Results come together

It’s a great time to be CHRO, as the people impact gap is the corporate performance gap. Many HR teams have hit a wall because their value is seen largely in managing cost and risk, not productivity, effectiveness and impact. Some CHRO’s are breaking out, and taking their teams beyond the silo’ed specialties and systems into a world where systemic problems are solved by business-first HR teams. These leaders are leveraging People Analytics to help people outside of HR make better decisions. There are plenty of things a CHRO can borrow from the CFO playbook, impacts revenue growth, retains critical talent, improves diversity and overcomes the obstacles to a data-driven HR team.

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