Global Head of Performance , Culture, and Future of Work – BAYER


A Human Resources professional with more than 23 years of progressive and comprehensive international experience (country, regional, global roles), spanning Human Resource Management & Commercial Excellence across diverse sectors.

Rahul’s role involves conceptualizing & implementing the appropriate people strategy for building an enterprise-wide high-performance culture that ensures that they have the right mindset and environment to deliver high business impact. This enables the business to meet its ambitious goal of becoming a market leader whilst increasing the positive social impact.


November 14, 2023 01:55 PM

Unleashing the True Potential: The Mantra of Success for Creating a High-Performance Culture

All organizations are trying their best to build a high-performance culture and aim that their employees contribute to that by giving their best and bringing their fullest at work , but we can only achieve this if employees get to play (empowered to make decisions as per their responsibilities), the role assigned to them helps them to live their purpose and help them to develop/contribute to their fullest potential. In this presentation, we will discuss how we can embed the new culture of experimentation, create rapid learning & decision cycles, and develop our talents to attain new skills and new experiences by letting theme experience complex problem solving and decision making earlier in their career. We will also discuss the role played by middle managers in letting the employees gain peak performance and help them build strong drivers+ mindsets and behaviors to build a high-performance culture for their teams.

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