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As an experienced internal consultant and enterpreneur Réka enables leaders and their organisations to create SUSTAINABLE work cultures for HIGH PERFORMANCE, ENGAGEMENT, RESILIENCE. She has a proven track record of designing innovative solutions for cultural business challenges and FUTURE OF WORK.

To keep herself in the FLOW and train her own AGILITY, she has worked for different companies, on diverse topics (mainly on significant BUSINESS & CULTURE TRANSFORMATION programs in finance and hr), in numerous industries and countries including Eastern and Western Europe, UK, US, Middle East. Therefore she has a great understanding of the ways of thinking and problem solving in various cultures.

As an ICF certified COACH trained in brain-based coaching, as a yoga and meditation practitioner and teacher she uses many out of the box techniques in her professional approach that take her clients into their learning zone. Réka is in love with NATURE and mountains, all different ways to step out of the comfort zone and thrive.

Her approach is putting people first, irrespective of their rank or position. By creating a positive and empowering atmosphere, she aims to foster dialogue and build appreciation and trust among all stakeholders. Working together, we can design the best and most sustainable version of ourselves and our company. According to Réka, self-leadership is the key to success, both in our professional and private lives. With these values at the core of our perspective, we can achieve great things together.


November 14, 2023 12:05 PM

Panel Discussion: Creating an Empathetic Exchange: Enhancing people Well-being through Creating Inclusive Workplaces as Cornerstone for Psychological Safety

The panel will discuss the changing post-COVID workforce expectations and their implications for company HR roles. As employees expect more than just being heard, but truly listened to, the emphasis lies on providing the essential support and empowerment they need to flourish without experiencing burnout. This shift in focus highlights the importance of building rapport, fostering understanding, and cultivating trust within the organization.  How can HR professionals create an environment where employees truly feel heard and valued, especially in the context of hybrid or distributed work arrangements?  What are the tangible ways in which active listening contributes to effective performance management and supports employee well-being?  How can HR professionals break down communication barriers and proactively implement strategies to create a workplace culture that actively engages employees, enhances their well-being, and ensures psychological safety?

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