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Group Vice President of People and Organisation – BOSSARD GROUP


Susan Salzbrenner is a resourceful organizational psychologist with a passion and interest in making the workplace meaningful for everyone. Her expertise and international experience range from large-scale transformations, leadership and organizational development to purpose-driven individual change processes. In her professional life, she’s both been an entrepreneur, an employee and a consultant working with large multinational organisations around the globe. She has now found her home at the Swiss-headquartered family company Bossard, as the Group VP of People and Organisation. And although she technically works in “Human Resources – she hates to use that term.


November 14, 2023 11:35 AM

What's Next for Talent Experience? Navigating the Shifting Landscape of Expectations and Priorities

This session will address the dynamics and competing demands shaping the talent experience landscape today. We will explore shifts in employees' expectations and employer priorities. You will gain valuable insights on how organizations can proactively respond to these shifts, and create a workplace environment that fosters engagement, satisfaction, and long-term retention. - What are the key factors driving the shift in talent priorities and expectations when it comes to their workplace experience? - How can organizations effectively align their offerings and practices with the evolving expectations of talent to enhance engagement and satisfaction? - A practical example of a talent approach to create a workplace environment that fosters long-term retention and enables employees to thrive amid changing dynamics

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